Homeowners choose bay windows for their timeless elegance and unforgettable effect on a room. These windows jut out of the structure of your home, combining three windows to create a sun-lit space beyond the exterior walls of a home. Usually lending itself to an additional seating area on the interior, a bay window can be the perfect way to add a little extra detail to your home.

This window style is incredibly popular in classic-style homes, particularly in those with ornamental Victorian and gothic characteristics. Even in contemporary homes, a new bay window can add a stunning air of sophistication, while simultaneously offering a comfortable space on the interior to display art, bask in sunlight, or cozy up to a good book.

Materials and Design Options

Bay windows are available in a variety of materials and styles, typically featuring wood or composites that mimic the classic look and feel of wood grains. They can also be installed over multiple floors, and are often incorporated into staircases for natural light. Because this design consists of three or more windows, you can choose any combination of window styles for the job.

You can also choose a variety of angles, depending on how many windows you want to combine. Bay windows typically come in 30 degree (3 equal windows), 45 degree (1 large window with 2 smaller sides), or 90 degree (box) angles.

Features and Benefits of Bay Windows

  • Elegant Design: Bay windows are a timeless design that guests (and potential buyers) will love. They’re incredibly charming inside and out of any space.
  • Functional Space: Your new bay window can provide shade to a garden on the exterior while serving as a seating area, breakfast nook, display, or shelf on the interior.
  • Depth and Dimension: Flat, lackluster architecture can benefit tremendously from the dimensions and details of bay windows.
  • Panoramic Views: The curved effect of bay windows gives you a wider view of the outdoors.
  • More Natural Light: Bay windows capture light from multiple directions, giving you more sunlight to enjoy.

Finding a Reliable Installation Team

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