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Siding Replacement Guide

For many homes, siding is the best option for protecting the structure from the elements while still offering high curb appeal. Although replacing siding is a common home improvement project, the vast number of options available in modern-day products can be overwhelming. From material and color selection to choosing a qualified contractor, there are several factors to consider when investing in the exterior of your home.   

The Siding Replacement Process

Having new siding installed on your home is a major investment, and you need to know that the product you choose will stand up to the elements for years to come. Additionally, the exterior appearance of your home can play a substantial role in overall value, and picking a durable product with cosmetic appeal is essential when beginning the siding replacement process.       

What to Consider Before Getting Started

There are several decisions to make when it comes to siding replacement, and considering the following factors will help guide you in choosing a product and company that meets your needs.

  • Condition of Current Siding
    When upgrading to new siding, the current condition of your home’s exterior is important. If undetected rot or poor insulation goes unnoticed during the process, you could end up with much larger expenses down the road.    
  • Curb Appeal and Aesthetic
    You need to love your home’s appearance, but resale value and neighborhood appeal also play a role in the type of siding that you choose. Modern new siding comes in a variety of finishes and colors, and many synthetic products can now mimic the desirable look of wood or stone without the issues associated with natural siding.   
  • Maintenance Requirements
    Are you comfortable with refinishing or painting your siding every couple of years? Would you prefer new siding that requires virtually no upkeep? There are pros and cons to every siding option, and having a clear idea of what you are willing to live with in terms of maintenance is a large part of product selection.   
  • Energy Efficiency
    Having an energy-efficient home means a more comfortable living space and lower utility bills—two things that are big pluses for homeowners. Different types of new siding have varying insulation abilities, and your contractor can work with you to choose siding that protects your home and your wallet.

Siding Material Options

Over the years, siding has come a long way, and there are now high-quality, synthetic siding options that offer distinct advantages to homeowners. However, new siding comes down to personal preference and budget constraints, so considering both the advantages and disadvantages of each type of siding replacement is a wise place to start.             

  • Wood Siding
    The beauty of wood siding is desirable to many homeowners, and the eco-friendly appeal of this product can have a positive impact on value and curb appeal. However, wood siding also comes with high-maintenance upkeep, and you can expect to have to paint your new siding every four to five years or re-stain it every two to three years.        
  • Vinyl Siding
    Vinyl siding leads the industry for siding replacement, and it offers a welcome mix of durability, customizable options, and low cost. This type of siding typically lasts up to 40 years, offers quality insulation, and is low-maintenance. Disadvantages of vinyl siding include lack of resistance to impact and an inability to change the color without a complete siding replacement.   
  • Fiber Cement Siding
    This popular siding is constructed from a mix of wood fiber, sand, and cement—giving it a natural wood look without the high maintenance upkeep and susceptibility to insect damage. Fiber cement siding is extremely durable against rot, decay, and fire, but it also has a higher price point than a traditional vinyl siding replacement. 

Choosing a Siding Contractor

Siding replacement is generally not a DIY project, and hiring a professional siding company is the best option to ensure that your new siding is properly installed and guaranteed to last. However, different companies specialize in different siding options, so it is always best to interview and receive quotes from several contractors to learn more about their experience and skills.

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