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Kitchen Remodeling Guide

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home—and for good reason! Not only is this essential space one that you are guaranteed to spend time in every day, it is also a gathering spot for your friends and family to share meals and make memories. With how much of a role the kitchen plays in a home, it needs to meet high functional standards while also being a warm, inviting space.

Planning a kitchen remodeling project can be overwhelming, and you will need to consider the cost, timeframe, and multitude of design decisions that are involved with the process. From full-kitchen remodels to lower-cost aesthetic upgrades, the first step is breaking down exactly which products you will need to upgrade to create a kitchen that meets your needs. 

What to Consider Regarding Common Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is more than just a stove and refrigerator, and there are several product categories you will need to evaluate before committing to your final design plan.


Cabinet selection is a major component of any kitchen remodel, whether you are adding all new cabinets or simply refacing your current ones. You will need to carefully consider the layout of your cabinets to make it an efficient space, as well as decide on the wood type, style, and finish.  


Wood flooring has long been a popular choice for kitchens, but there are several additional products available for the modern kitchen. From vinyl or ceramic tile to natural bamboo floors, weigh the pros and cons of each product while keeping in mind the high-traffic environment of this room. 


Appliances make a kitchen functional, but they also add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. You will need to determine how many of your appliances you are willing to replace, the layout of the appliances in your new kitchen, and which design features are most important to you.    


Choosing a countertop is more complex than most homeowners realize, and the first step is selecting the material that works best with your needs and budget. Granite is a popular high-end choice, while quartz, laminate, concrete, and wood all have their pros and cons. 


Many homeowners are surprised at the sheer number of choices they will need to make regarding fixtures in their kitchen remodel. However, they all require your attention to ensure that the project comes together as expected. Fixtures that you will need to consider during kitchen remodeling include:

  • Sink and faucet style
  • Outlets and switch plates
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Lighting

The Kitchen Remodeling Process

Planning, executing, and completing a kitchen remodeling project is not a fast process. However, working with a qualified contractor is the best way to manage the countless decisions and steps of the remodel to ensure that it is as stress free as possible.

In a simplified form, you can expect your kitchen remodel to follow these general stages:

  • Commitment to remodel and gathering of ideas
  • Determining the budget you are comfortable with
  • Choosing a professional kitchen remodeling contractor
  • Securing permits (if needed), finalizing plans, and signing the contract
  • Demolishing of current kitchen
  • Building of new kitchen in stages—be sure to communicate with your contractor!
  • Review and approval of remodel before final payment

Of all the decisions you need to make during kitchen remodeling, finding a contractor that is fair, qualified, and trustworthy may be the most essential part of the process. To receive quotes from quality contractors near you that specialize in kitchen remodeling, submit our online form today.    

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