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Door Replacement Guide

The entry of your home serves several purposes from making a positive first impression to increasing the security and efficiency of your property. So, what happens if you are no longer getting these benefits from your current exterior door?

Replacing doors is a home improvement project that involves careful consideration of the many different style and design options available on the market. From choosing the ideal door material to selecting innovative style features, it is not a decision that can be rushed into. Start the process by understanding exactly what to look for in an exterior door.    

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Doors

Struggling to open and close your door is one of the biggest signs that it is probably overdue for replacement. Not only does a sticking door lead to frustration, it can also be a tell-tale sign that your door is leaking air and not helping the energy-efficiency of your home. Other common factors that point to the need for an entry door replacement include:  

  • Drafts and light entering around the door frame
  • Rust, dings, and extreme weathering
  • Moisture appearing between the glass panes of the door
  • Signs of insect or water damage
  • Broken locks, knobs, or hinges creating a security risk

Additionally, many homeowners choose to replace their entry doors when they want to improve the curb appeal of their homes. After all, first impressions are everything, and an outdated, broken-down front door can take away from the overall appearance of your house.

Benefits of New Doors

Once you’ve recognized that it is time to replace your exterior doors, you can expect to receive the following benefits from your investment:

  • Increased home value
  • Improved energy-efficiency-meaning lower utility costs
  • Added security against intruders
  • Dramatically improved curb appeal

As with all home improvement projects, weighing the cost of the upgrade with the benefit that you will receive is essential for making a wise decision regarding the style and design features that you choose.

Decisions to Make During a Door Replacement Project

Over the last few decades, exterior doors have come a long way, and there are numerous options to customize the look and design of your new door. However, costs can go up considerably depending upon the features that you choose, so research the following factors before committing to a product:  


Curb appeal may not seem as essential as security and efficiency, but it plays a large role in determining your home’s value. A beautiful entry door can do wonders for the enjoyment of your home, and finding a style that matches your aesthetic and home design is an important part of the door selection process. You also need to ensure that your preferred door style will work in the entry space that you have available!  


Wood entry doors may be the most common option that homeowners think of when replacing their door, but it is far from the only choice. There are numerous other materials used in modern door construction, and a few of the options you may see include:  

  • Steel: Affordable option that offers high efficiency and additional security  
  • Fiberglass: Energy-efficient doors that resist damage and deterioration   
  • Aluminum: Light-weight construction material that is resistant to corrosion   

Remodeling Company

While choosing the style and design of your new exterior doors is a major part of the process, you also need to be working with an expert home remodeler that offers fair prices and a quality product selection. To begin receiving free quotes for your door replacement from professional remodelers, simply fill out our online form today. 

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