Few things are more relaxing than soaking away the cares of the day in the bathtub. But if your tub has seen better days and is preventing you from relaxing, it might be time to consider a new bath liner.

What Is a Bathtub Liner??

A bath liner is a solid piece of acrylic plastic which is installed directly over your existing tub or shower. When a bath liner is installed, little construction or demolition is necessary since your original space will go unchanged. This allows for an easier and quicker installation as compared to a full tub or shower replacement. Additionally, liners come in a large selection of colors and styles, which means they can fit almost any décor.

Bath liners are made of durable acrylic, the same material that composes new, pre-fabricated showers and tubs. Although not quite as thick as the acrylic used on the pre-fabricated units, a tub liner is built to resist dents, scratches and fading.

Bath Liner Components

Liners come in two pieces – the bottom and the top.

Bottom: If you are replacing a bathtub, the bath liner will be the exact size of your previous tub. If you are replacing a shower stall, the bottom will be in the same shape as your current shower pan. Regardless of which you are replacing, the units will be one solid piece of acrylic, making them durable and waterproof.

Top: The second piece of your bath liner is the wall panels called the surround. Depending on your needs, you may not want a new surround on the walls, but if you choose this option, the surround will attach at the base of the tub or pan bottom.

Some manufactures only offer the combo of bottom and top liners. This is done so they can ensure a waterproof fit when they seal the two together. If you do not want a surround installed, make sure the company you choose offers that option and guarantees a leak-proof fit without the wall unit.

Benefits of Bath Liners

Once you’ve decided it’s time to refinish your bath or shower with a liner, you can expect to receive the following benefits from your installation:

  • Increased Home Value
  • Quick Installation
  • Zero Demolition
  • Durable and Long-lasting Finish
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

There are many professional remodeling companies who offer bath liners and installation services. Because of this, with a little research, you can find a company that offers the style and color you are looking for at a competitive price.

Remodeling Company

As with any remodeling project, you want to ensure you are working with qualified and skilled technicians who will deliver a beautiful, new bathtub. Trusted Home Professionals can help you find that trusted professional in your area. To start receiving quotes on your bathtub liner project, complete the online form.

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