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ECN Digital Marketing Solutions LLC dba Trusted Home Professionals (a subsidiary of ECN Capital Corp. (TSX: ECN), a publicly traded vendor and finance company) was founded to help homeowners find the right home improvement contractor for their home improvement project.

Service Finance Company, LLC (“SFC”), is a consumer finance company authorized to conduct business in all fifty states and the District of Columbia that is also a subsidiary of ECN Capital Corp. Since its founding in 2004 by principals with decades of experience in home improvement and consumer finance, SFC has financed over four billion dollars of successful home improvement projects across the United States. SFC management’s decades of experience in the home improvement space has allowed it to develop a network of thousands of home improvement contractors located throughout the United States, each of which has successfully completed the SFC vetting process.

THP’s access to the SFC contractor network distinguishes it from the competition by enabling it to refer homeowners to a single, vetted home improvement contractor chosen for its competence. The THP advantage is further enhanced by an industry-exclusive risk free warranty offered when the project is financed through the vetted home improvement contractor using a SFC financing product.


Trusted Home Professionals (“THP”) Mission Statement

To help homeowners avoid the inherent risks associated with home improvement projects by matching them with a vetted home improvement contractor and providing them with an exclusive 100% risk-free warranty such that no payment will be due until the project is complete when the project is financed through a vetted home improvement contractor using financing products offered by Service Finance Company, LLC. In furtherance of this goal, THP will match the homeowner with a single vetted home improvement contractor that is committed to completing the project without risk to, or payment by, the homeowner.

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